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Krakow, Poland’s ancient Royal capital, is one of the most delightful cities in Central Europe. With the wave of rejuvenation that’s now sweeping through the city, one could argue that things haven’t looked this good for generations. Yet whilst prices have already shot through the roof in cities like Prague, Krakow still offers marvellous bargains for those who have fallen in love with the city. Grand nineteenth century apartments can still be found for a fraction of Western prices, offering wonderful investment opportunities for buyers, and most of all, an enchanting home!


At we’re confident that we can give you the kind of insider info that will make all the difference to potential investors. Our English and Polish staff all live here in the city. Why? Because we love Krakow. We all know the city’s culture intimately, and we’re completely in tune with the concerns of foreign investors.

We specialize in real estate in the historic centre of Krakow. We can advise you on the parts of the city that are on the up, as well as places to steer well clear of! We can also tip you off about elegant, lesser-known corners of Krakow that usually escape the attentions of newcomers to the city but offer extremely attractive investment opportunities.

Krakow is at a fascinating moment of transition. In this respect, prices will certainly rise considerably during the next few years, which makes now a key time for investors. At we can provide professional consultation, dove-tailed with an insider’s feel and warmth for the city, to help you make the right choice with confidence.


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